About Us

PedX Santa Cruz is a worker-owned and operated bicycle courier and delivery service, operating in Santa Cruz county since 1994. Riders and dispatchers are friendly, reliable, and experienced delivery cyclists. Rates are competitive with existing motorized delivery and distribution services.

Our Mission Statement

“The mission of PedX Courier & Cargo is to provide its workers with stable employment, to promote the use of bicycles as an appropriate method for transporting people and goods, and to demonstrate the viability of worker cooperative businesses.”


General Partners: Ben Finke, Michael Flora, and Mel Moyers

The Hub for Sustainable Living

PedX is a part of the Santa Cruz Hub for Sustainable Living which is a community center and 501(c)3 non-profit based in Santa Cruz, CA. Sustainable living includes skill-building, appropriate and affordable re/use of resources, human-powered transportation, building solidarity among communities, and nurturing creative culture.

The Hub supports a board constellation of independent, interrelated projects by providing space at it’s community center, and/or fiscal sponsorship as a non-profit umbrella organization.

The Hub’s projects provide access to space, resources, and educational opportunities through demonstration, outreach, and hands-on learning.

You can learn more about the Hub for Sustainable Living at: