About Us

PedX Santa Cruz is a worker-owned and operated bicycle courier and delivery service, operating in Santa Cruz county since 1994.  We offer 1 hour ASAP service within the city of Santa Cruz. Riders and dispatchers are friendly, reliable, and experienced delivery cyclists. Rates are competitive with existing motorized delivery and distribution services.

Pedalers Express is a worker-owned and self-managed collective founded in 1994 by Bill LeBon and Micah Posner. Two members (legal partners) and two apprentice members currently take care of business administration and deliveries. PedX is a contributing member of the Hub for Sustainable Transportation and the Bike-To-Work program.

Our Mission Statement

“Pedalers Express is a worker-owned, worker self-managed cooperative providing prompt, expeditious, reliable and friendly delivery and messenger services to the Santa Cruz County region through the exclusive use of non-motorized transportation to provide its members with a sustainable livelihood and workplace control and to serve as an ethical business model.”